Why us

There are a lot of vendors out there offering LED products for dance. Why should you give your business to us?
First of all, we were the first! We are the premier international manufacturer and supplier of LED-accented accessories. From veils, pois, isis wings, fairy wings, fans, umbrellas, tops and bottoms, hip scarves, professional belly dance costumes – if you need something to light up and be spectacular, we can do it.
We have been serving belly dancers, Latin dancers, and performance artists for over 6 years. We started in 2000 and have been lighting up dancers ever since! We pride ourselves in providing the best possible products at an affordable price.
Our items use super bright LEDs and the highest quality of fabrics possible to ensure that you look great on stage, or wherever your performance might be.
The response to our products has been so positive that we expanded over the last year into 2 additional warehouses in the UK and the USA to better serve our customers. Our customer service staff has also increased to where we can offer support and answer your questions almost 24 hours a day.
From the US to Canada,Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Korea, Japan – LED accessories are becoming the β€œin” thing, and our products are second to none.
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