1. What countries do we ship to?


Currently we ship to: USA,Canada,Australia,Newzealand,South Korea,Japan,Singapore,United Kingdom,France,Germany,Russia,Italy,Spain, Sweden,Austria,Belgium,Czech Republic,Denmark,Finland,Greece,Hungary, Ireland,Israel,UAE,Mexico.
We can ship from USA(California) to USA destinations,from Germany to Europe destinations,and from China to Asia and Oceania destinations.But if products in your order are not in stock in the nearby warehouse,we will ship from China defautly.

Note: Some countries’ custom offices may charge an import tax. Please factor this cost into your purchase as we are not responsible for paying this cost. The average amount for this fee is 30-100% of the declared value for European tax. To help with this, we typically state that the declared value is $50 (USD) if your order is one set of LED isis wings,we will write higher value if your order is more than that,you can also email us within 12 hours(after you have made the payment) or leave a message when checking out to specify the value we should write. You can lower your chances for being charged this tax if you chose a “zone rate” shipping method.


2. How much is the postage fee, is there a way to find this on the site?


Yes! No need to register,  simply open the item page and enter the quantity you want, then click “add to cart”. The site will guide you to shopping cart, then you will see a small button that says  “calculate shipping” under the items details. Additional menus will show up with a drop down,  that will allow you to choose your country from a list and then when you click “update totals”,  the shipping method and cost info will show up!


3. What payment types do you accept?


We accept Paypal, Western Union and Bank transfer in US dollars. If you wish to pay with a credit card, you have to do so via Paypal.  We suggest that you use Paypal as it is the fastest and easiest way to send payment.


4. How do I order?

You can order from our site in 3 easy steps!

Step one: Register. It’s very easy to do so don’t stress!

Step two: Add the items you desire to your shopping cart.
*Browse our items, choose the color or size, fill in the quantity you want, and click “add to cart”. You can checkout at that moment, or continue to shop. Your cart will be saved. If you want a preview of the shipping cost, see Question 2 above.
Step three: Check out.
Click the checkout button and then confirm that the delivery address is correct. Enter a coupon code (if you have one) at that moment and then the site will guide you to the Paypal page for payment. Make your payment there. You will receive an email confirmation from us and from Paypal so that you know your payment has gone through.



5. Do we offer wholesale orders?

Yes. We offer both wholesale orders and drop shopping. We pride ourselves on offering the best prices to groups and businesses. Please email us ([email protected]) and include a link to the item you desire, color, size, quantity and your location.  We will reply as soon as possible with our amazing wholesale price!


6. How can you track your order?

Just a few easy steps!

Step 1. Login to your account on the site and check your messages section.
You should see comments on your order page. If you order has been shipped, then a message will be there with a tracking code.
Step 2. Copy and paste the tracking code into the site:
This site will track all packages from a number of carriers. You can click track or you can click carrier in order to select the carrier in advance for your shipment.
Step 3 (optional) if you do not find a tracking number, and it has been more than 3 business days since you paid for your order, please email us at [email protected]
If your tracking number does not show progress, please be patient. We cannot control the speed of the carrier or the weather but we assure you, if it has been shipped, then it will arrive!