Exchange & Returns

We guarantee our products. Each pair of LED wings, veils, fan veils, lights are tested before they leave our factory. We also check to be sure that the battery and wiring is set up properly.


We cannot however, guarantee that nothing occurs during shipping or when customs opens our packages. In those cases, damage may occur. If your items do not work properly or if something is missing, then please contact us via email [email protected] immediately.
We will work with you to find a temporary (if your performance is within a day or two of discovery) or permanent solution to the problem. Most of the time it is something as simple as a battery replacement. If we are unable to assist you in fixing the issue then we will accept a return of the wings.
The wings must be sent to our warehouse in the USA or back to China. Only once we have received the item can we make monetary restitution or replace the damaged item. If you believe that you are a special case ( a performance is the next day), of course we will try to do everything we can to speed up the process.