silk fan veils

How do you tell if your bellydance fan veil is a leftie or a rightie?

Is the bellydance fan veil for my left or right hand? We get this question from our customers a LOT! Especially when they need them for troupes and each dancer is only using one fan veil.

So, here it is! The explanation!

Fans are “handed” meaning that it is best to use them with the proper hand for dancing. If you are not using the right with the left and vice versa, it is harder to open and close them properly and to work with them. It should be an easy wrist movement to work with, if it is not then you may be using the wrong one!

Right handed fans: If you lay your fan veil down flat and open and the stave (the wood piece) that is not covered by material is to the right and on top, then it is the right handed fan. The upper staves will open to the right. If it does not do so easily then it could be you have a left handed fan.

Left handed fans: Lay your fan veil down flat and open it. Again, look at the direction of the staves. The upper stave will open to the left for a left handed fan.
If your vendor does not specify that they are sending you a fan for each hand then you may not receive fans in that way. There are some companies that only sell one direction and/or do not pay attention to the direction of the staves and the fabric.

We, here at dance-led, know that are fans are being used together and for dance performances. Every time you order a pair of fan veils from us, they are a left and a right!

We hope that this post has been information for you. Feel free to share to pass the info along to your friends so that they too will know which fan veil is for which hand!