How Should I Store My LED Wings?

A lot of our customers have come to us asking how to store their LED wings. We thought it easiest to put all of the information into one blog post so it can be shared and stored for future use!

The best place to store your LED wings is in the carrying pouch that we sent as a free gift. We know it can be hard at times to get them back into the pouch with the care that we seem to get them in the first time but it can be done! It is the bet way to protect the wires and the pleattes in the fabric.

Also, do not store them with the sticks. It can be a pain to take them in and out but what you don’ realize is that over time the weight of the sticks can poke a hole in the delicate organza if they are left inside. Hanging them and moving them about exacerbates that risk. And no one wants their stick to fall out of the hole while performing!

We also recommend that you do not leave them on or attached to the battery if it can be helped. Especially not on! That can damage the lights over time and make them burn out more quickly and require replacement. as with most electronics if you can avoid leaving them plugged in and on all the time, it’s best to have them off.

These three simple tips will help ensure that you wings last a long time for many performances to come! If you have any of your own tips to share, please do! We love to hear how creatively our customers are caring for their wings.