Show Us Your Video Testimonials!

This week’s blog is all about the video testimonial.

What’s that? That’s when you take a short video talking about how much you love our products, which ones you have, maybe even a short demo and post it to YouTube.

So, how do you do it? You can use your phone, tablet or even your computer and talk about our products for a minute or two. It doesn’t need to be super long. Here are some talking points to help you along:

1. What product did you buy?
2. Why did you choose that one?
3. Do you have more than one of our products? If so, which one is your favorite?
4. How do you use them? Bellydance, club dance?
5. Why do you like it- value, use, colors, price
6. Would you/ Have you recommended us to your friends?

Bonus– Short demo of what it looks like when you use it. You don’t have to give us a costumed performance but if you want to show off some of what it can do, go ahead!

Get your video recorded and then upload it to YouTube. Then take the link and either message it to us or share it on social media.

Now, to help get you started, we are going to sweeten the pot!

If you load the video to YouTube and send us the link, you have the chance to get 20% off your next order as long as it is within 3 months of winning.

We will choose 5 customers a month from the videos uploaded to win the prize! You can only win twice so make sure you post the best videos that you can!

Make sure to share this post with your friends so they can join in on the video fun!
Good luck and we can’t wait to watch all of your vids!