How To Properly Measure Belly Dance Clothes

How do you properly measure belly dance clothes?

We get this question a lot on our site because, let’s face it, without having the belly dance costume in front of you to try on, sometimes it is hard to know if it will fit. To that end, we have come up with this blog post to help you properly measure your belly dance clothes.

For instance, take this LED dance bra here on the right.

LED bra

How would you be able to figure out if it fit properly? Well, that’s easy!

First, take the measurement of the bra from end to end. and by that we mean, open it up, turn it over and place the measurement tape along the bottom of the bra. Like in this photo here on the left. LED Top Unique Belly Dance Bra

Once you know what it measures end to end, you can figure out if you need the whole length OR if your hooks need to be in a closer place. The end to end measurement of the bra should match or can be greater than the measurement around your ribcage. You want to make sure it is snug and that you don’t feel like it moves around. If the bra has stretch to it, then it may be necessary to measure the bra laying flat and also while stretching the pieces to get the maximum measurement.

Got it so far?

Next step is the cup size. Now, cup size all depends on where in the world you live. Every country has a different way of measuring them but they are pretty close. For instance, a C up is  3 inches of difference between the ribcage measurement and the outermost point of the chest. BUT you can also figure out if a belly dance clothes bra will fit you by comparing it’s measurements to one of your own bras or a bra that fits really well. Take the measuring tape and measure up and down, across and diagonal. If these numbers match your current bra then it is a good bet that the bra will fit you properly.

Belly dance belts and skirts are measured by 3 parameters: upper hip or waist, lower hip or butt and length. Your upper hip is where you want your belt or skirt to fall. It doesn’t mean your natural waist. Then your lower hip is your butt- or your widest point. This way you know the skirt will stretch to fit you.  In terms of length- don’t be fooled by the length of your legs. Sometimes fabric will get taken up by your hips and your true length is a bit longer than what you may think it is. Make sure that you check the length of skirts that you already own and see if they match the length of your legs. Also take into account where you would like your skirt to fall. Some dancers want their skirts to the floor, others to the ankles. It is your choice but something to keep in mind when deciding what your ideal length is.

Belly dance ruffle Super big skirt

Of course nothing beats trying on the costume in person but if you measure properly on both your body and the costume,then you will be sure to have a great fit with all of your belly dance clothes. A couple of last tips to remember are that all fabric stretch to different amounts. Always take one measurement un-stretched and then take another measurement stretched. Don’t stretch the fabric out, but give it a pull or a tug and see if the extra inches you may need to get the perfect fit may be contained in the natural stretch of the fabric.

We hope that this blog post has been beneficial to you and helps you measure your belly dance clothes more effectively. Please feel free to comment with your own tips below as well as share this with your friends if you think it will benefit them!