smart led isis wings, isis wings smart led, danceled

New Smart LED Isis Wings

Hello Everyone!
We wanted to write a blog post to let you know that we just dropped an AMAZING new design of wings this month- “Smart” :LED wings. Now what are they?

They are wings that do amazing things! They are able to do a rolling color pattern, a flashing color pattern, even  a gradient pattern! These wings can be 8 solid colors (red/green/blue/light blue/yellow/white/pink/gold) or flashing or gradient colors, all by a simple push of a button!  We know that you have wanted wings like these for quite some time now and we have done it!

Check them out in this video:

As a special treat for YOU, our amazing customers, we wanted to know what you thought of our product.  Write a post on Facebook about what you think about our newest design after checking out our YouTube vid. Link to our fanpage account AND to the page on our website and you could win!

3 lucky customers are going to win $100 off of these cool smart wings!

smart led isis wings, isis wings smart led, danceled
The contest is going to go on for the next month- it ends August 5. So make sure that you get your reviews up on social media today so you can be considered!

Thanks again for your continued support. If you want to let your friends in on the contest, feel free to share this post with them too!