The LED Light Trend in Bellydance

The latest trend in bellydance props seems to be to light it up! Of course, here at we think this is the best trend ever!
Bellydance props are always evolving and changing and as dancers have access to a greater variety of venues and audiences, the props have to go along with that. The larger the stage, the larger the prop may need to be in order to capture the audience’s attention. As much as we would all love for the dance alone to be enough, sometimes we need that wow factor.

For instance, isis wings were seen first at stage shows. Not just to channel isis but as a way to show the movements more dramatically and to fill the stage. It was only a matter of time before even that prop needed a way to be amped up. And LED isis wings definitely do just that. Lighting them up, ensures that the audience will ooh and ahhhh

Now, be assured that LED props are not limited to bellydancres. They have been adopted by other styles of dance as well. And in some cases taken to the next level! There are whole festivals and events centered around light shows. At night clubs and lounges, go-go dancers use them to be able to be seen dancing in the dark. We are always listening to what our customers want and need and we have listened to these dancers as well, which is why you will see our items have extended past just LED isis wings to other styles of items as well.

Voi or Poi (we will be posting a blog about this next week) in our store is our take on the ribbons used by rhythmic gymnasts. You can use them as they are OR you can light them up- again making sure you are seen. These can be used not just by bellydancers but by other dancers as well. We would LOVE to see a gymnast use these in a floor show!

Lastly the trend has extended to costuming. Dancers have chosen to light up some of their existing costumes or to purchase them pre- lit. Some may think this is “too much” but we say why not! This type of light up costume can allow a dancer to secure a gig at a dark night club without the fear or not being seen or ignored by the audience. We can guarantee that if you light up, you WILL be seen.

We’d love to hear your thoughts? Do you love the light up trend as much as we do? Do you wish there was one MORE thing that you could light up? Please let us know by sharing your thoughts in the comments below. If you’d like to invite others to join in on the conversation, feel free to share this post!