What LED Costumes Do You Offer?

We here at dance-led are known for our fabulous LED isis wings but we are also spreading out into other areas- and not just dance props. We offer the DIY option that we blogged about last week but there are some dancers who don’t want to DIY, they want it DI-DONE.

For those dancers we offer ready made LED costumes. We started with harem pants and have branched out to bras, hats, and full costumes with skirts. Already covered in LED lights! Most of these items are made to order as we know that not all dancers are the same size and to make something like this one size fits all would never work.

Just as a behind the scenes, here is what our LED bra looks like, inside out and when turned off. Sometimes turned off is anticlimactic but that’s what the lights are for!

Make your own? Rock one of ours? We’d love to see it! Feel free to share with us on Facebook!