Learn How to Belly Dance

Belly dancing is a form of art that has been known for centuries. Its origin has enticed the interest of people as it has never been totally uncovered – it has been connected to the Arab and African regions and customs.

Belly dancing is fun! It is usually associated to upbeat music, which requires sensual movements. If you have watched belly dancers perform, you must have been captured by their liquid movements, enchanting makeups, and breathtakingly beautiful belly dancing clothes.
Different belly dancing clothes and accessories can be used to improve the performance. Enthusiasts can buy belly dance wings, silk fan veils,  gypsy tops and skirts, brocade tribal brassieres, beaded fringe belts, and harem pants. You can even add oomph to your look using LED belly dance wings that will surely take your audiences’ breath away.

Now, if you really want to learn how to belly dance, here are some simple things that you need to know.

Choose a Good Music

A music that has a strong, repetitive base, is required. You can check out Shakira’s music. Shakira was a renowned enthusiast. Her “Wherever, Whenever” and “Hips Don’t Lie” are among the popular choices when it comes to belly dancing performances.

Arab and Mediterranean music are also known to be captivating, making them good choices. They usually contain cues, which will give you smoother transitions, from earthy movements to graceful and flowing ones.


Make sure that you prepare your body before you begin. Do some stretches and exercises to ensure that you won’t feel pain, specifically caused by muscle strains, moments after. Bend down and try reaching for your toes, roll your shoulders and neck, and stretch your joints so you will loosen your body efficaciously. These methods will also help you acquire more energy needed for a better belly dancing performance.

Choose Belly Dancing Clothes and Accessories

A good belly dancer costume is required even during practices as this will strengthen your confidence. Choose a costume that will match the type of movements that you have. If you are aiming for a grandiose performance, a belly dancing costume that has coins and jewels is a great choice. You can add more life by using LED Isis wings and other belly dancing clothes. To top it all off, use cuff bracelets and anklets.

Know the Movements

Belly dancing is known for its flowing and undulating movements. You have to ensure that you maintain a good posture when dancing. Keep your core well-supported without stressing your spine to avoid possible miscalculated movements, leading to accidents and injuries. Throw and bounce your hips smoothly, without forgetting to go back to your aligned resting position.

Keep your arms up, especially if you need to do mid movements as it tightly stretches your stomach muscles, therefore, will create a taut appearance. Now to add more energy to your performance, you can also do other hand gestures depending on your movement. You can stretch one hand while the one stays at the back of your head, or you can wiggle them one side to another, especially when you are moving left and right.

Learn how to do shimmy movements. Your weight must be evenly distributed to ensure that you maintain your balance. Bend one knee and straighten the other one whenever you move one hip up. Do it on the other side. It’s okay if you are still slow during the practice. Once you have mastered the movement, you can go faster to match the beat of the music. Also, do not forget to breathe because it can lead to locked up movements. There’s also a possibility that you will look jerky. Just keep on practicing in order for you to master the dance move.

Another known movement on belly dancing is the hip twist. Do small circular movements on one side. Once you have mastered a flowing look, try doing 8’s and swirls. The reason why you have to do it on one side first is because it will give you adequate control and power. Liquid movements will come after you have fully understood the technique.

Always make sure that you combine movements to make you more graceful. This will give you the overall performance you are looking forward to achieving. Belly dancing may not be easy, but with continuous practice, you will surely perfect the techniques.

Belly Dancing is for Everyone

Everyone, regardless of their physical attributes and health conditions, can get engaged to the art of Belly Dancing. In fact, it is a good form of exercise as one can efficiently lose as much as 300 calories per hour, equivalent to walking for 3 miles. An everyday practice can help you lose 2000 calories a week, which can really help you improve your overall wellness.

Once you are ready, you can elevate the things you will use when belly dancing. Today, it’s not just about gypsy outfits with silk cloths. There are other more costumes and accessories you can use. Many enthusiasts’ attention were captured by belly dance fans and light up wings – white or gold Isis wings – that can be bought from different led online stores. They also offer custom made wings so you can add more design and accessories!

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