Don’t burn out! Or How to find a balance with dance, life and more.


Balance. It is something that we all struggle with. It does not matter if you are a belly dancer, executive, or work from home, but trying to juggle a career, family, any extracurricular activity (be them your own or possibly your children’s) can be a struggle.

So how do people do it? Do they have super powers? Do they go without sleep? No, of course not! (Ok, well, maybe some of that last one, but they just function with a little less sleep than the rest of us) The key to being able to juggle is the ability to multi-task and stay organised.

Here are a few examples of things you can do to keep your self-centered during hectic life.

Find a way to do 2 things at once. For instance if you have to take your kids to soccer practice but you have to alter a belly dance costume or listen to some belly dancing music for a class to finish a choreograph, then do so. Take your kids to their practice, and if it’s an hour then use that time to your advantage. You can sew your belly dancing costume while you watch them or you can watch them for 20min and then head to a quiet space to rehearse your dance. If you want to take a belly dance class, find one that is during a time when your kids have an activity nearby. You can leave your child with the coach while you take your class and be back in time to pick them up!

Meditate. It may seem like a crazy thing but meditation actually helps. It can help you keep centered and stress free as you attempt to do all of these things. Also, it will help you relax and get the most to the little sleep that you do manage to get. If sleep is something that tends to get cut in order to.

Unplug- We are all so connected to our devices all of the time that sometimes they can be source of stress instead of helping. Put down your phone. Set aside time for just being with your family. Perhaps you all put your devices in the middle of the table during dinner and the first one to pick it up has to do all of the dishes! That is great way to get housework done and perhaps get your kids to unplug for a bit too!

Learn to say no. The easiest way to burn out is to take on too much. We all know what our limitations are. We can go maybe 10-20% above that and still be ok and “rise” to the occasion but there also comes a time to recognize when you are doing too much.

Here are 4 ways that we have found help to balance out life and not get burned out. Please feel free to share these with anyone you think would benefit or to comment with your own tips below!

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