How Do I DIY With Your LED Strands?

Our LED strands make it super easy to DIY! You can select how many you want per strand and what spacing. For some projects it may be better to have spaces in between so you can lace them throughout your design. If you wish to light up just one specific area, then closer together is probably best.

You can sew the wires down every few inches or so in order to place them where you want. Try no to bend the wires too much as that will cause them to break and also it will weaken the connection. We use super small zip ties in order to adhere them to the organza fabric. They are sturdy, small and keep them in place. We know that these are not always an option when sewing LEDs onto a bra or belt but it may work for you!

They are turned off and on by a button battery. It is up to you where to place this battery. We know that some DIY dancers have chosen to sew it inside so that it is very well hidden. The only downside to this is if you want to replace the battery you have to undo it all! We recommend creating little pouches, similar to the ones in our LED wings and attaching those to your costumes. They are more comfortable, well hidden and allow for easy changing of batteries. For our costumes, we have placed the buttons closest to the hip and the cups, to make it easier to get to and turn them on and off. You can add more drama to your performance that way by making it a surprise and turning them on after you have started your show.

Please feel free to ask us any questions and to share you own DIY LED stories. We love hearing from you and all your LED fun!