How Do I Charge My LED Isis Wings?

We have all been there, it’s your 10th show of the night and you go to use your LED isis wings and nothing. You forgot to charge your battery in between sets! Now what? Well, if you’re lucky enough to have the time and an outlet, then you can charge your batter as you wait. But here are a couple of options if you find yourself in that precarious situation.

Lithium battery with USB cable/no adapter for LED isis wings

1. Buy extra batteries and pre charge them. We offer extra batteries on our site so you will never be without your wings!
2. You can use a computer or the usb output on your car to charge you wings if you don’t have a place to plug in an AC power source.
3. You can use your phone! Yes, your phone. It can be used to charge the battery or the wings themselves. Plus it’s slim enough to not show.

We know that some of you have asked about the old school AA battery packs but we don’t offer those anymore. They were more easily seen on a dancer’s back and we had lots of issues with the wires coming undone as the dancer moved and then even though the batteries were still good, the wings would not turn on. The usb packs offer a lot more options for charging and you can always use other things to charge them.

We hope that we have given you a few options to that horrible situation of no light up wings! If you’ve found another creative way to charge or power your wings, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you!