Can I get LED Accessories too?

This is a question we get from some of our non-bellydance performers that are customers. This is why we have branched out and started offering other props and LED accessories for dance use. We did have LED flowers and headbands for some time and sold out! We are still working on producing more to be able to offer them again to you soon!

In the meantime, we are able to offer LED armbands. They have a loop on one side and then you can wrap the LEDs however you wish. We make them to be armbands but we have seen our clients even wrap them around their legs!

We also offer an LED mask. It’s not just for Halloween! There are many performers who dance in darker places and an LED mask is a great way to stand out and also add that air of mystery to the performance.

blue light mask
We have LED scarves- awesome boas that are laced with leds that can be use din the performance and then discarded if desired or tied around your neck or hips to keep the fun going!

Last, but not least, we have made LED hats! These are super cool and can be used by anyone. We’ve had a few bachelorettes order them to make sure their bridal party can find them easily during a night out on the town! It’s been loads of fun.

We have lots of fun creating all these new things for all of your. if there is an idea that you have or something you’d like us to try to add LEDs to, please let us know! Shoot us an email or comment here with your idea and we can work on making it happen! Our goal is to help you shine bright like a diamond and we meant it!