How to replace broken LED lights on your isis wings and costumes


We get so many requests for our customers to learn how to replace their LED lights or fix them for their isis wings if they broke that we decided to map it out step by step. If you are a more social person, make sure to check out our YouTube video.


Before you start, you will need:



Clear packing Tape

Buttons/Zip Ties

Repair kit with new LED
1. Locate the defective LED and isolate it such that the button part is sticking up. Use the scissors to cut that button part off, being careful not to damage the fabric of the isis wings.

2. Using the same scissors cut off the LED that does not work. It will seem as though you are cutting wiring but that’s ok!

3. Find the backup LED wire that we sent with your wings. All of our wings are sent with a backup just for this purpose. If you do not have one, then contact us!

4. From the backup wires cut off a single LED light. It’s ok if you have excess wire along with it, as that makes it easier when the new LED is longer than the one you cut out. Just be sure to only cut off the one to replace the one that is broken. Make sure not to mix up the old with the new!

5. Cut the edge of the new wire such that you can split them apart. Make sure not to actually cut the wire itself or to split the casing of the wire all the way up. Take off the casing of the wire using your nails- about 2inches worth- where you have split it. Do this to both sides of the split.

6. Repeat on the other edge of the piece of wire and set it off to the side.

7. Go back to the section of the wings that you cut out. Now that they are either side of where you are going to insert the new LED. Do steps 5 and 6 for either side of the newly created bridge.

8. Now it’s time to reconnect your new LED. Make sure to connect the silver wires to the silver wires and the copper wires to the copper wires.

9. To connect them, match up the wires and twist. Once you have done that you will have a sharp loose edge that you won’t want near your fabric SO fold the twist over and twist it again. This will make a better connection and also, lessen the likelihood that your fabric will get torn.

10. Pull and adjust the connected wires so that they are the same length. Then fold the twisted silver over the silver wire and the twisted gold over the gold wire. Using packing tape, wrap this connection on one side and then the other. This will add additional hold and keep things from snagging. The tape is basically re-creating the casing that we removed to make the new connections.

11. Repeat steps 9 and 10 for both sides of the wire.

12. There is also a backup button/zip tie included in your repair kit (again if you do not have one please contact us). You will use that to re-attach the LED to your wings as follows.

13. Locate the hole made in the fabric by the original LED and position the new LED as close to that as you can. Thread the zip tie through the hole, loop it around the new LED and then pull it through the fastener (or button) end of the zip tie. Since you have added more length of wire, we recommend using more than one to hold things in place. In our video we ended up using about 4 because we wanted to be sure the new tape covered connections did not move.

14. Once you are done, cut off the excess zip tie and voila!

You’re done! Now you can resume enjoying your isis wings!

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