Is the bellydance fan veil for my left or right hand? We get this question from our customers a LOT! Especially when they need them for troupes and each dancer is only using one fan veil. So, here it is! The explanation! Fans are “handed” meaning that it is best to use them with the … Continue reading How do you tell if your bellydance fan veil is a leftie or a rightie?

Dancing with fans isn’t exactly a traditional part of Middle Easter dance. And if you’ve ever watched a vintage bellydance video, you didn’t see them their either. So when did it come about? Dancing with fans has existed in other cultures for centuries. For instance, in China and Japan and spread to other Eastern Asian … Continue reading When Did Bellydance Fan Veils Become a Thing?

How To Decide on an LED isis wings color We know how it is, you’re looking at pages and pages of gorgeous LED isis wings and think, I want them all! But maybe you’re budget is a little tight and you can only afford one pair. Then what? How do you figure out what color … Continue reading What Color LED Isis Wings Should I Buy?

This week’s blog is all about the video testimonial. What’s that? That’s when you take a short video talking about how much you love our products, which ones you have, maybe even a short demo and post it to YouTube. So, how do you do it? You can use your phone, tablet or even your … Continue reading Show Us Your Video Testimonials!

What is this Bellydance Poi, Voi thing I keep hearing about? This is a question we get asked a lot! We carry both types of bellydance items and sometimes customers just haven’t seen anything like it before. Poi has been around a long time and was used by the Maori tribe. We have seen it … Continue reading What is this Bellydance Poi, Voi thing I keep hearing about?

  Balance. It is something that we all struggle with. It does not matter if you are a belly dancer, executive, or work from home, but trying to juggle a career, family, any extracurricular activity (be them your own or possibly your children’s) can be a struggle. So how do people do it? Do they … Continue reading Don’t burn out! Or How to find a balance with dance, life and more.

The latest trend in bellydance props seems to be to light it up! Of course, here at we think this is the best trend ever! Bellydance props are always evolving and changing and as dancers have access to a greater variety of venues and audiences, the props have to go along with that. The … Continue reading The LED Light Trend in Bellydance

As much as we love all of our dance sisters, and we know that not everyone can buy new, we wanted to make a list of 10 reasons why you should not buy a used belly dancing costume. Here we have compiled a list of the top 10 things that we have heard buyer complain … Continue reading 10 Reasons Not To Buy A Used Belly Dancing Costume

How do you properly measure belly dance clothes? We get this question a lot on our site because, let’s face it, without having the belly dance costume in front of you to try on, sometimes it is hard to know if it will fit. To that end, we have come up with this blog post … Continue reading How To Properly Measure Belly Dance Clothes

Belly dancing is a form of art that has been known for centuries. Its origin has enticed the interest of people as it has never been totally uncovered – it has been connected to the Arab and African regions and customs. Belly dancing is fun! It is usually associated to upbeat music, which requires sensual … Continue reading Learn How to Belly Dance