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A lot of our customers have come to us asking how to store their LED wings. We thought it easiest to put all of the information into one blog post so it can be shared and stored for future use! The best place to store your LED wings is in the carrying pouch that we … Continue reading How Should I Store My LED Wings?

This is a question we get from some of our non-bellydance performers that are customers. This is why we have branched out and started offering other props and LED accessories for dance use. We did have LED flowers and headbands for some time and sold out! We are still working on producing more to be … Continue reading Can I get LED Accessories too?

We here at dance-led are known for our fabulous LED isis wings but we are also spreading out into other areas- and not just dance props. We offer the DIY option that we blogged about last week but there are some dancers who don’t want to DIY, they want it DI-DONE. For those dancers we … Continue reading What LED Costumes Do You Offer?

We have all been there, it’s your 10th show of the night and you go to use your LED isis wings and nothing. You forgot to charge your battery in between sets! Now what? Well, if you’re lucky enough to have the time and an outlet, then you can charge your batter as you wait. … Continue reading How Do I Charge My LED Isis Wings?

Our LED strands make it super easy to DIY! You can select how many you want per strand and what spacing. For some projects it may be better to have spaces in between so you can lace them throughout your design. If you wish to light up just one specific area, then closer together is … Continue reading How Do I DIY With Your LED Strands?

Quite a few of our customers have asked why we use the organza fabric for our LED wings. Two words, fire hazard. We have done extensive experimentation into this and have found that certain fabrics for wing don’t hold up well to LEDs and hence can’t be used to make LED wings. Either they cannot … Continue reading Why Aren’t the LED Wings on Shiny Fabric?

Is the bellydance fan veil for my left or right hand? We get this question from our customers a LOT! Especially when they need them for troupes and each dancer is only using one fan veil. So, here it is! The explanation! Fans are “handed” meaning that it is best to use them with the … Continue reading How do you tell if your bellydance fan veil is a leftie or a rightie?

Dancing with fans isn’t exactly a traditional part of Middle Easter dance. And if you’ve ever watched a vintage bellydance video, you didn’t see them their either. So when did it come about? Dancing with fans has existed in other cultures for centuries. For instance, in China and Japan and spread to other Eastern Asian … Continue reading When Did Bellydance Fan Veils Become a Thing?

How To Decide on an LED isis wings color We know how it is, you’re looking at pages and pages of gorgeous LED isis wings and think, I want them all! But maybe you’re budget is a little tight and you can only afford one pair. Then what? How do you figure out what color … Continue reading What Color LED Isis Wings Should I Buy?

This week’s blog is all about the video testimonial. What’s that? That’s when you take a short video talking about how much you love our products, which ones you have, maybe even a short demo and post it to YouTube. So, how do you do it? You can use your phone, tablet or even your … Continue reading Show Us Your Video Testimonials!