What is this Bellydance Poi, Voi thing I keep hearing about?

What is this Bellydance Poi, Voi thing I keep hearing about?

This is a question we get asked a lot! We carry both types of bellydance items and sometimes customers just haven’t seen anything like it before.

Poi has been around a long time and was used by the Maori tribe. We have seen it used initially with fire performers where the ball part that is usually on fire is not and used as practice. Somewhere, someone decided, hey, why don’t we light that part up in a different way! That was where LED poi first started. We have also seen fire performers use it as a way to practice their craft without the fear of being burned as they start their fire performer journey.

In terms of Voi- voi is a mix of the bellydance prop veil and poi together. Poi and Veil, hence Poi. It was originally created in 2006 by Dana Beaufait. This was again, our fire performer friends and it was so that they could truly show off their spinning skills without worrying about fire.

Although some believe that voi is flags or ribbons, they are not. That is a completely different prop. Voi is pieces of silk that is attached to the poi. They can be different shapes just like veils- rectangle or semi circle.

The styles of performances for this prop can be slow or fast and have been used by cabaret and tribal performers alike. We have seen videos of everything from drum solos to slow pieces and even whole groups using them in synch! It is truly amazing what dancers have been able to create with this prop!

Here at Dance-LED we have taken this prop to the next level. We have light up Poi but we also took voi and lit that up as well. We combined our light up veils, with this amazing prop. This way performers can not only show off their skills with the fabric swinging and spinning but with the lights too!

We hope that we have given you better insight into poi and voi and also explained our twist on it as well. Feel free to comment with your thoughts and share this info with your friends! We love hearing more about props and how they are used!