How TO Keep Your Bellydance ISIS Wings Beautiful for a Long Time

A lot of our  customers have been asking us, how do we make our Bellydance ISIS Wings last for a long time? Well, we decided to put all of the tips for how to keep your bellydance Isis wings beautiful in one spot!

1. Keep your wings in the bag. It can be a pain to refold that accordion every time you use them, but that accordion folded design is important! If your Isis wings are folded and in a bag them they will keep their shape longer and also be protected. If you do not have a bag for your belly dancing wings, then you can order one from Etsy, or from us. Keeping them in the bag also has the added advantage of keeping them portable and easy to carry.

2. Use a non-sharp or retractable stick in your wings. A common problem for belly dance Isis wings wear and tear is the stick poking a hole through the bottom or causing the edge of the wing to tear. We created and now sell retractable smooth sticks just for this purpose. We thought it was a great way to keep this tearing from happening. If you already have this kind of sticks, then it is a good idea to retract your sticks when not in use. Alternatively, you can also find plastic sticks that come from hardware stores for window blinds that will be less likely to tear the beautiful fabric of your dance wings.

3. Tame the fray. If you do notice your fabric starts to fray, then don’t just let it happen! You can use stitch fix or fabric fix glue in order to fix it. Cutting or pulling the string out will only make the seam rip faster and possibly poke a hole in your wings! If you are in between performances, you can use clear nail polish to fix the fraying string. Similar to a run in your pantyhose, nail polish will hold the seam in place until you are able to properly repair it.

4. Do not steam! Do not use a hot iron or steamer on your wings! If your Isis wings get wrinkled and you do not think they look as nice, use a hot shower method. Take a very hot shower, with the door closed and the fan off. Let the steam build up in the room; this should take care of slight wrinkles. If your wings are very, very wrinkled and you do not think they look as nice, then take them to a professional cleaner. They will be able to handle the delicate fabric. NOTE: if your wings have LEDs in them DO NOT DO THIS. Heat will destroy the wiring and the LED bulbs.

We hope that you have enjoyed this article and that it will help you keep your Bellydance Isis wings beautiful for many years to come. If you have any questions or any of your own tips to share, please feel free to comment with them below!

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