10 tips to choose the right belly dancing accessories

So you’ve got the music, the costume, now what? What could possibly be left? Why accessories of course! Belly Dancing accessories are that last thing, that last touch that takes a performance and performer to the next level.

Let’s start with your look- jewelry can make or break a costume.

1. Invest.

Make sure that if your audience is close up, that there are no stones missing from your pieces. Also, it pays to invest in a few really good pieces of costume jewelry so that they sparkle and shine even upon close up inspection. We can’t tell you how many times we have heard from clients that that extra bit of bling makes all the difference in the oohs and aahs from their clients.

LED green dance arm bands
2. Rehearse

Necklaces, bracelets, rings, no matter what pieces you choose. Be sure that they do not snag or come loose and that you rehearse with them in advance. No one wants them to get stuck on your hair, costume or props.

3. Matching

Your jewelry doesn’t have to be the exact color of your costume. You can choose a clear crystal or metal that complements your costume and still look great! If you happen to have a piece that matches, go for it!

4. Backings and clasps

Far too often, we see a lone earring fling off into the distance while a dancer is performing. If you choose to wear dangle or heavy earrings, make sure that the backing is tight. The other option is to put an additional clear plastic backing onto the earring. In a pinch, you can use an eraser. To avoid any of this, don’t choose earrings that are too heavy or don’t fit tightly. We all know that the big blingy ones look stunning but they are of no use if they come off or if they crush your ear lobes during your performance.

On to the hair. Does that need dressing up? Of course!

5. Headbands

Whether your hair is short or long, a headband can be that extra bit of sparkle so the shine is from head to toe. It also helps to keep your hair out of your face and off of your lipstick. The stretch style headbands work best, as you don’t have to worry about them coming off. If you’re able to pin the regular style headbands enough so they don’t move, go for it. But make sure they are on tight!

6. Flowers and clips

Flowers or flower clips are great for your hair as well. But make sure the clip is secure. Also that it is weighted properly. Too often, flowers are so decorated that when clipped in, they dip off to one side and don’t sit properly when sitting still, much less when moving. No one wants the flower to shift or even worse, fall off!
led purple belly dance luminous head wear
7. Colored Hair Pieces

You don’t have to go this route but there are lots of dancer who do and it’s kind of fun! Make sure that you look for pieces that match the length of your hair so it’s not irregular and hard to style. Also, that clip in easily and that you have the proper clips to keep it in. Figure out if it is to be worn underneath your layer of hair or on top of your hair. You can get these types of pieces as synthetic fibers or as real hair. The choice is yours. Real hair blends better into your own hair and is able to be styled. It is however, more expensive, so if cost is an issue, you can stick with synthetic and still get the fun out of it! And as always, rehearse with it on. You want to be sure you have it in securely.

Speaking of props! Those are important too!

8. Veils

Material is the most important thing. Silk is the lightest and will give the most amount of movement and flow but perhaps your movements are more matador/cape-like, then you’ll want to go for something heavier like chiffon or satin. There is also the option to have an LED veil. Those are typically chiffon and a heavier weight BUT they do have the option to light up. So if you want the heavier weight WITH the wow, you may want to choose that style.
purple led veil

9. Wings

Isn’t it all about the wings? Isis wings are a very dramatic prop. Make sure that the wings fit your height. If you are a smaller dancer and you purchase super large wings, they may be too cumbersome for you and hard to manipulate. Do your research as to the fabric and style. If you like to have more of a peek-a-bo0 performance with your wings, and still be seen when wrapped up then you’ll want to go with an organza fabric, maybe even with LEDs. There are also Isis wings that are of a heavier fabric that allow you to wrap yourself up without being seen. It all depends on what you want the effect to be in your performance.
LED 3 color isis wings

10. Lastly, your smile! That is the best accessory any dancer can have. No matter what happens during your performance, make sure to smile and have a good time!

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