Why Aren’t the LED Wings on Shiny Fabric?

Quite a few of our customers have asked why we use the organza fabric for our LED wings. Two words, fire hazard.

We have done extensive experimentation into this and have found that certain fabrics for wing don’t hold up well to LEDs and hence can’t be used to make LED wings. Either they cannot handle the weight of the wires and the lights and/or the heat. There is a very small amount of heat that is given off by LED lights but some fabrics are sensitive. They are are also those like lame that have been treated in order to shine the way they do and those chemicals are very heat sensitive. The closest we have found is a kind of shiny fabric that we have used for our gold wings. They are not the same as the standard lame isis wings that you see in other stores.

We have worked long and hard to find a fabric that works. And that as closely matches the colors of the LEDs that we sell. We want them to move well and to be able to withstand having the lights sew into them. Even with our silk fan veils and regular veils, we had to find the best quality silk to use. The flimsy silk fabric that you see in some places just won’t do. Not just because we want to provide our customers with the best fabrics but also because we need to be able to attach the LEDs to them.

Also, the more sheer a fabric is, it allows for the led lights to be seen in both directions instead of just one. Thus giving more dimension and brightness whether the stage is circular or standard. We also took into account that not all venues are dark or have light controls. Having the wings be sheer allows them to be seen a little bit more even under bright stage lights. A dark background helps too!