10 Reasons Not To Buy A Used Belly Dancing Costume

As much as we love all of our dance sisters, and we know that not everyone can buy new, we wanted to make a list of 10 reasons why you should not buy a used belly dancing costume. Here we have compiled a list of the top 10 things that we have heard buyer complain about when buying a used bellydance costume.

  1. Odors– We are not talking just about body odors that can be left in fabrics from someone else sweating, dancing and sparkling in a belly dancing costume. There are also odors such as perfume and smoke which can not be pleasant when combined with body odors but can also cause allergic reactions. We have heard of quite a few cases where a perfume left behind in fabric has caused hives in the next dancer.

  2. Wear and Tear- Although some dancers may be reputable and take great all inclusive photos, some do not. There are many a times where lightly used to one dancer results in the next dancers getting a costume will loads of beads gone, rust on the hooks, and holes from too many safety pins.

  3. Sizing- Another dancer dependent phenomenon. Everyone measures a different way, some may pull the costume to it’s limits in order to give a maximum measurement that just isn’t ideal. And some may round up the measurement to ensure that a wider audience would look at and fit the costume. This is a case where photos with measuring tape are a good idea.

  4. No Guarantee- If you buy a new costume from a vendor (like us), there is a satisfaction guarantee that goes along with the product. As well as reviews and customer satisfaction critiques. With an online dancer, they could just disappear, leaving you with a less than idea costume and out quite a bit of money.

  5. Designer Fraud– You might pay a bit more if you think a costume is an original Bella or Sahar Okasha. But what if it’s misrepresented? What if it looks that way but when it arrives, has no labels to that end? Or maybe only the skirt does? Most designers put labels on all the pieces, or most so you can ensure it’s an original. If you don’t buy from a reputable dealer then you have no way of knowing if what you’re received is “real”  Pink belly dance costume

  6. Stains– Many an instance has a dancer received a costume that is clearly stained. When bringing this point up, the original owner says it doesn’t exist or must have happened later, or is really easy ” to wash out.” If you buy a new costume, then this is not something that you have to deal with. It is pristine.

  7. Pieces Missing- How many times have you heard “Oh I could have sworn I put the other armband in there.” and then been promised that it would be sent, only to never receive it. When you purchase from a vendor, there are checks in the shipping process that ensure that you receive all the pieces that you purchase. And if something isn’t available, then you are notified.

  8. Shipping- Dancers don’t ship costumes out every day. They are usually pretty busy, so while you paid promptly for your new to you belly dancing costume, they may not ship it out immediately. Also, they may not pack the costume up nicely. It may just arrive, naked, in a box with no tissue or bags or packing material. This is not true of vendors. They are shipping something out almost every day. As well as having set times for handling and tracking.

  9. Fabric- There are some types of fabric that get thinner as they are worn from body heat- or from a dancer sitting in the costume as they drive from gig to gig. There may also be areas where the pattern has worn more than others. Unless there are performance photos, you may not know that a costume is made of a sheer fabric until you receive it. If you perform in very well lit areas, a sheer costume is a dangerous undertaking!

  10. They don’t light up! We have seen many costumes up for sale but we haven’t seen any of ours! This tells us that our unique light up belly dancing costumes are held onto and cherished by our dancers. This makes us smile!

Please feel free to comment below and share with us your reasons for not buying a used belly dancing costume. We know that your information will help other dancers avoid the pitfalls of online used costume purchasing. If you think our post is great, then by all means share it with your friends!